Soul Searching. What’s the Point? Letters From a Mind in Turmoil.

Dear Soul,

In the past few days I have been feeling incredibly hopeless.

I feel as though I’ve lost my direction.

I know that as a team we decided it’d be best for me to take a little break, but without all my usual distractions, I find myself worrying even more than usual.

I keep thinking about the future and our job for when we return. I miss our friends and family, and as much as I love it here, this new way of living has been a difficult adjustment.

Don’t get me wrong, Soul, I’m having the time of my life.  I’ve had a lot of cool ideas, and learned some really interesting things, but lately I’ve been working overtime, poring over thoughts, weighing decisions, and searching for resolutions. It’s really weighing on Body, and I have no doubt it’s affecting you as well.

I feel quite bad because this trip was supposed to be for you. I was supposed to sit back and let you enjoy yourself–I wish I could do the same. 

While I’m fully aware of the importance of it all, I really need some help in understanding your journey. 

I think I could relax if I knew more about the destination you have in mind. So maybe you could tell me — what’s the point of this whole, “search for simplicity” anyway?




Dear Mind,

Thank you for contacting me.

I understand why you are in distress. It’s not your fault that you have been hardwired to think logically, thus, have a difficult time relaxing in times like this. But it is possible.

I believe that over time you will understand the necessity of this journey, and while you have made some very good judgments on your own in the past, I must point out your misconceptions of its intent. 

The “search for simplicity” is not intended for me.

Being a soul, I am already simple by nature. I am guided by faith, and my comfort depends purely on the collaboration of you, Body, and Heart. 

You play a very important role in our life, and I know it’s a lot to take on, but the destination of the journey actually lies in your hands. Alongside me, Body and Heart rely on you to execute their business, so it’s important that you listen well.

As a matter of fact, I took us here on the objective that you could better hear their requests.

Like me, they have simple needs and simple intentions that correlate with our satisfaction as a whole.  Unfortunately, your condition and decisions have a direct impact on that satisfaction, and in your distress, our functionalities are dampened.   

The point of the journey, is not only to give us a chance to regroup, but to teach you to simplify your processes, so to lighten your workload and bring us all to an equilibrium.

It will bring you the peace and liberation to think freely and creatively without negative or unnecessary distractions, and make our life seem much, much easier.

Remember to trust our direction and to listen to us when you need help. I cannot wait to see you set free.  

With love,




3 thoughts on “Soul Searching. What’s the Point? Letters From a Mind in Turmoil.

  1. Your post touched my heart, soul, and mind and I relate to the struggle. The path of the journey can be rough and it is only when we listen to the whispers of God, will our soul, heart, and mind find the direction and peace we all search. Fellow dreamer and searcher, the destination does not lie hear on earth.. Enjoy the beauty of God’s creation , enjoy the journey, focus on others, and keep an eye on the destination.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the read. Thank you for taking the time to let me know, and thank you for your insight. This is quite the journey we’re on, and I wish you all the best in yours. How beautiful it is to encounter a fellow dreamer, loving life and living love.


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